Construction managers in the Baltimore and DC markets are praising building officials and inspectors for maintaining plan reviews and inspections under tough conditions. 

Most departments are working remotely and doing plan reviews with smaller teams but are continuing to issue permits and grant inspections that are imperative to meeting construction schedules. Even the iterative process of tenant improvements which requires a constant flow of plan reviews, permits and field inspections, are progressing to meet critical lease-required turnover dates. 

Many jurisdictions are narrowing inspecting rules and will no longer inspect occupied or enclosed structures.  Harford County and BGE are offering virtual inspections. Prince George’s will accept approved third-party inspectors for electrical, fire protection and mechanical. The State Fire Marshall is approving contractor certifications for residential fire sprinkler systems. Please see the county-by-county summary for more information.

Effective March 19, the state’s Chief Elevator Inspector suspended final inspections of new and altered elevators, escalators and lifts.  In an emergency the chief inspector has the authority to call in crews, but routine inspections will not be conducted by state inspectors until further notice. Inspections that had been scheduled will be rescheduled approximately 30 days from the original date.