What will your summer vacation plans look like this year?

Karen S. Cherry
Vice President, Office Leasing
The Howard Hughes Corporation

“Unfortunately, my summer vacation plans have already been impacted. We had planned a week-long family trip out west to Colorado and Utah. Many of the national parks are reopened but there were some destinations on Native American lands that still are not open. That, in addition to the risk of flying, caused us to decide to cancel that trip. We will most likely reschedule for next year. So, this summer we will likely take a few trips to the beach, but we won’t do a big trip this year.”

Morgan Gilligan
Vice President, Senior Business Development Officer
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

“Outside, outside, outside is our plan for this summer.  Minimal electronics, lots of tennis, golf and a couple of trips: Stratton, Vermont and Duck, North Carolina.  Hiking, fishing, rafting, sailing, biking, running and surfing.  We all have to work off our #corona20!  Hopefully, the fall will be kind to all of us to be able to continue enjoy all that nature has to offer.” 

David Strouse
President and CEO
Birchwood Capital Partners

“A summer of great expectations has been derailed by the uncertainty of schedules and tentative openings.  After a spring break trip to London was cancelled, we became reluctant to schedule another big trip and have opted for a summer-long staycation in our backyard pool. We are currently living at the mercy of unannounced college opening dates, internship responsibilities and social distancing restrictions that have even made a trip to the beach sound unappealing. A short out-of-state vacation remains a hopeful possibility.”   

Liz Tarran-Jones
Merritt Properties, LLC

“A trip out of town is always an important reset halfway through the year. While our normal vacation involves a plane, we pivoted to a secluded beach rental on the Delaware shore to strongly limit our exposure to crowds. We also plan to bring groceries with us, to avoid the weekend shoppers. We are taking our health and that of others very seriously. I am sure we will pick up a good ice cream along the way though and a big bucket of Fisher’s Popcorn. I hope my order of mint chocolate chip with chocolate sprinkles comes through clearly with my mask. And hold the peanuts at Fisher’s.”

Matt Althoff
Business Development
Clearview Group LLC

“My summer plans are to take a trip to San Diego in July to visit a friend and sprinkle in a few long weekend visits to Ocean City. I also received word that my adult baseball league will start playing towards the end of June and I hope that I will be able to attend an Orioles game by the end of summer or in the fall. Lastly, this summer and every summer I am always looking to improve my golf game.”