With the renovation of the 60-year-old Royal Farms Arena now underway, what is your fondest memory of a concert or sporting event which you’ve attended, including its days as the Baltimore Civic Center? Once the project is complete, what artist would you be interested in seeing there?


Kate Nolan Bryden
Senior Vice President
MRP Industrial

“Growing up in Baltimore, I’ve seen too many events at the Arena over the years but the most memorable was my first ever concert – a benefit for Cystic Fibrosis headlined by Alabama. I didn’t know many of their songs at the time but the energy was incredible and it jumpstarted my love of live music that was later amplified by living four years in Nashville. I would like to see more national acts in a more comfortable, safe setting with better parking.”


Nancy R. Ferrell
Regional Managing Director, Debt & Equity

“As a kid, I always loved seeing the circus and the Baltimore Blast, but the circus was definitely the best.  Since I missed him recently, I would enjoy seeing Paul McCartney perform.”


Bob Gehrman
Senior Principal
BCT Design Group

“Definitely seeing U2 and I am guessing it was in 2005 or so. A close second would be the Monster Truck events that I took my kids to. I would like to see Bruce Springsteen play at the new arena.”


Paul Hayden
Executive Vice President
Geo-Technology Associates

“There was a World Wrestling Entertainment event and it was actually on Halloween night so you can imagine the craziness in the building. I would definitely like to see more concerts there, especially Tool.”


Kate Jordan
Lee & Associates | Maryland

“My favorite memory at The Chicken Box is seeing James Taylor perform, which was especially memorable because I recruited my entire family to join me. I listened to him often as a kid and he lived up to my expectations. I know The Rolling Stones performed there many years ago, but seeing them again is on my bucket list.


Mark Levy
H&H Rock Companies

“Deep Purple, 1972 especially when they played Smoke on the Water. What would I like to see next? The Beatles reunion.”


Joe Nolan

“I am not as old as Mark and I arrived at Baltimore a little later but I would say Natalie Merchant and the 10,000 Maniacs. And, I would like to see The Rolling Stones come to Baltimore.”