Describe some things you don’t take for granted these days.

Alan Coppola
Senior Associate

“For starters, I don’t take waking up in the morning for granted anymore. So, when I do get up, I no longer take for granted the great opportunities I have to work with all the associates at my company, as well as all the real estate professionals I get to cooperate with. I am inspired by the way we all adjusted and pursued solutions to overcome COVID obstacles and still managed to succeed. We salespeople are obsessed with positivity.”

Remy Fradkin
Merritt Properties

“The most obvious answer is face-to-face human interaction with friends, family and colleagues, but on a more trivial level, I will never take grocery shopping for granted. Not only have everyday items been hard to find, but many people are not able to go to the store to get what they need. I would get frustrated that I could not find chicken or paper towels and realized what an incredibly small inconvenience this was and that it was not that deep.” 

Michael Ginsberg
Executive Vice President
Chesapeake Contracting Group

“Living in the moment. It’s easy to run through the motions when you’re always on the go and never slow down. If there’s anything the last few months have reminded me, it’s to savor the little things, to be present with family and friends. It’s the simple knowledge that everything we do has an impact on others, and even more profoundly now in light of current events. Thinking about others and the effect our own actions have on others, even at times ahead of ourselves, is more important now than ever before.”

Bill Libercci
Senior Vice President

“Our office has not worked together for a while and I truly miss the daily interaction with my colleagues, including the personal element of catching up on non-business activities. We have a fantastic team and care deeply about each other and this personal connection is missing right now.  We adapted remotely to help our clients and capital sources get business completed. I frequently gather socially with many local family members but most of this activity has been placed on hold for the time being. I look forward to resuming normal human interaction professionally and personally.”

Olivia Millspaugh
Development Associate
MRP Industrial

“I miss the organic interactions I encountered while out and about during the workday. With our team working from home and separated from each other you must make a conscious effort to speak or meet with someone. However, it is accidental run-ins or working in close proximity to one another that really grows personal and professional relationships.”