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Funding NAIOP Maryland’s Policy Agenda

The legislative and regulatory environment in Maryland is one of the most complex and challenging in the country.  Maryland is in a transformational period where the framework for how land development, construction and property management had been regulated are being re-evaluated and revised by state and local governments. Every week legislative and regulatory proposals that affect land development and construction standards, taxes, fees, energy prices, and your relationship with your tenants are being debated and decided by the Maryland General Assembly and county councils.

In 2009 recognizing the high cost of inaction, NAIOP Maryland established the Penny Per Square Foot Fund to fund a broad array of services necessary to engage key legislative issues affecting commercial construction, land development and asset management. The Penny a Foot Fund is a financing method proven successful in other areas of the country that assesses participating companies one cent per year for each square foot of office or industrial space in their Maryland portfolios.

The Penny Per Square Foot Fund provides NAIOP-MD members with full time lobbying services dedicated to legislative advocacy and public relations in Annapolis and the central Maryland counties.  The fund also serves as an endowment for NAIOP-MD sponsored litigation and academic research related to policy issues vital to the industry.

Since 2009, with the support of the Penny Per Square Foot Fund, the NAIOP-MD Legislative Committee has reviewed more than 500 pieces of state and local legislation and submitted testimony at more than 210 bill hearings and work sessions before the General Assembly and in the central Maryland counties. NAIOP takes a leading role as the commercial real estate advocate in debates over impact fees, storm water management, lease and loan recordation taxes, energy conservation and utility costs, handicapped access, building design review, construction and energy codes, impervious surface caps and fees, development and zoning codes, citizen permit appeals and other industry critical issues. 

For more information on how you can support NAIOP Maryland and your industry through the Penny Per Square Foot Fund, please contact Tom Ballentine at 410-977-2053 or


Penny Per Square Foot Fund Contributing Companies

Corporate Office Properties Trust
Merritt Properties, LLC
St. John Properties, Inc.
Knott Realty Group
Bavar Properties Group, LLC
Hill Management Services
Liberty Property Trust
Caves Valley Partners
CSG Partners
Emory Properties, LLC
The MacKenzie Companies
Manekin LLC
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