Penny Per Square Foot Fund

Funding NAIOP Maryland’s Policy Agenda

Maryland has one of the most complex legislative and regulatory environments in the country. On top of that, the state is grappling with issues around climate change, infrastructure, emerging technologies and shifting economies – issues that could greatly change how land development, construction, property management and taxation are regulated by state and local governments.

Recognizing the high cost of inaction, NAIOP Maryland created the Penny Per Square Foot Fund to finance the services necessary to engage on key legislative issues affecting commercial construction, land development and asset management. A proven financing model in many areas of the country, the Penny Per Square Foot Fund assesses participating companies one cent per year for each square foot of office or industrial space in their Maryland portfolios.

The Fund provides NAIOP-MD members with full-time lobbying services dedicated to legislative advocacy and public relations in state and local governments in Central Maryland. It funds litigation and academic research related to policy issues vital to the industry. It also enables NAIOP-MD to take a leading role advocating for the commercial real estate industry in debates over impact fees, stormwater management, forest conservation, building performance standards, climate change mitigation, clean energy initiatives, county master plans, zoning and permitting regulations, corporate governance, tax law and other industry critical issues.

For more information on how you can support NAIOP Maryland and your industry through the Penny Per Square Foot Fund, please contact Tom Ballentine at 410-977-2053 or