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PAC // Political Action Committee (PAC)

Professional lobbying representation and dedicated member involvement is only one of several critical components to successfully navigating the legislative process in Maryland.   An active NAIOP-MD Political Action Committee cannot guarantee outcomes, but it is one of many necessary activities to ensure that our voices are heard in Annapolis and in the county councils that are important to NAIOP-MD members.

The NAIOP Maryland’s PAC Trustees organize support for fair and objective elected officials who share NAIOP’s interest in government that makes sense for Maryland. The NAIOP-MD PAC Trustees take a pragmatic approach supporting elected officials based on their legislative record, committee assignment, electability and the PAC’s first-hand knowledge about their position on issues important to your business and the industry.

Please donate now to support the PAC.

A strong NAIOP-MD PAC benefits you because it:

  • holds lawmakers accountable for their actions and supports those who back industry policy positions;  
  • allows the commercial real estate industry to build more political credibility and influence by working together rather than separately;
  • extends your influence to politicians  you may not know but who understand and support commercial real estate issues;
  • takes on the difficult job of prioritizing candidate contribution requests always based on what is in the best interest of the commercial real estate industry.

Your association dues payments cannot support NAIOP Maryland’s PAC making the only source of PAC funding individual contributions from NAIOP members.  Your annual dues invoice includes a voluntary $100 contribution directly to the NAIOP-MD PAC.  Please take the opportunity to make this modest annual contribution to support the PAC.  Also, if you are contacted separately to attend a fundraiser or contribute to a PAC fundraising campaign, make it a priority to support your industry PAC it’s not only good for your industry it’s good for your business. 

The NAIOP Maryland Political Action Committee (PAC) is a fundraising mechanism that enables our organization to contribute financial resources to local politicians and political candidates who consistently support our industry. This fund helps elect and re-elect individuals that have demonstrated an understanding about the importance of a strong and vibrant commercial real estate industry in the State of Maryland.

 For more information about the NAIOP-MD PAC email us at