Commercial real estate industry constructs 50 floating wetlands
for placement in Inner Harbor and 30 picnic tables   

Baltimore, MD (May 6, 2011) – More than 150 members of NAIOP-MD recently spent an afternoon constructing 50 floating wetlands and 30 picnic tables in support of the Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore City. The event was sponsored by NAIOP-MD’s Community Service Committee and represents the second time in the past two years that the organizations have partnered together. Brendan Gill of MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services served as the Chair of the event, while Connie Rhodes of Rhodes Development was Co-Chair.

Various building teams — each wearing t-shirts or jackets emblazoned with the logos of their respective companies — worked throughout the day to drive screws into picnic tables and manipulate various recycled materials to fashion the floating wetlands. The Living Classroom Foundation intends to anchor the finished wetlands in areas throughout theInnerHarborto act as natural habitats for fish and other forms of wildlife. The picnic tables will be used at Living Classroom’s various campuses around the state.

“This group accomplished in several hours what it would take us more than one month to complete,” explained Noah Smock, Director of Community Outreach for the Living Classrooms Foundation. “The project is so meaningful to us and the placement of the wetlands will have extremely tangible and positive effects on the ecosystem.”

“This is exactly how we envisioned the event,” said Brendan Gill. “NAIOP Maryland members came together to achieve some special and important accomplishments for a worthy cause, and they also had the opportunity to have some fun and network. All of our goals were reached,” he added.

The CSG Partners, LLC team took home the Team Spirit trophy for showing the most enthusiasm throughout the day. “Obviously it was a tough decision to chose just one group,” explained Connie Rhodes of Rhodes Development. “Their combination of getting a lot done and having a lot of fun doing it, won over our judges,” she said. David Meiners and Owen Rouse swooped up the “most dedicated” volunteer award.

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