Developed and launched less than one week ago, local company Datastory is offering free usage of its proprietary MapDash for COVID-19 app, enabling companies to see key resources in the context of real-time information related to the coronavirus pandemic across the country.

As it relates to the commercial real estate industry, “this data can help firms make timely decisions that impact their operations from a standpoint of human resources and supplies to maximize the health and well-being of its staff and customers,” explained Matt Felton, President of Datastory.  

Culled from data available from the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) and other reliable sources, MapDash for COVID-19
tracks the number of existing COVID-19 cases at the county level, as well as
reports information regarding the number and size of nearby hospitals and
nursing homes, and the proximity of nearby pharmacies, urgent care facilities and
key retailers. Also available are location links to Twitter feeds for state
leaders and a detailed map showing the level of social vulnerability for populations
in a particular area, as determined by the CDC prior to this event.

Localized view of key resources near a specific address

By dropping a pin on a map anywhere in the country, a user
can understand nearby resources and access county-level data about COVID-19
cases that is updated several times throughout the day. Initiated after several
requests from its clients, including a nursing home that needed greater
situational awareness and a real estate portfolio manager who needed to anticipate
store closures, more than 100 companies have taken advantage of this
complimentary service to date. It is particularly relevant for companies with
real estate portfolios throughout the country in search of on-the-ground data

Regional view of current COVID-19 cases for each county

“Datastory deals in location intelligence and helping
companies understand their place in the market,” Felton said.  “MapDash for COVID-19 provides situational
awareness of this situation with the availability of what important resources
are nearby and where the risk is growing. This data can be used to help
companies anticipate the future, provide lead time for the deployment or
repositioning of resources and to move people into or out of a particular

Felton adds that the company invites feedback from engaged
users regarding other important data points that should be tracked. He
anticipates that use of the app will remain free-of-charge “throughout the

For more information visit or call 443.241.0315.