The first post-pandemic survey of D.C. area commuters documents the explosion in telework and sharp drop in transit usage since the onset of COVID-19.

According to the survey conducted by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, three-quarters of commuters now telework three or more days a week – up from 14% in 2019. On a typical workday, 44% of all workers are teleworking.

That shift in work culture has significantly impacted D.C. area roads and transit lines.

Transit usage which accounted for 24% of commuter trips in 2019, plunged to 8% in 2022. Drive-alone trips recorded their largest drop since 2010, accounting for only 41% of commuter trips. Sixty percent of drivers who use HOV/HOT lanes, cited time savings of between 11 and 30 minutes.

The State of the Commute Survey has been produced every three years since 2001, tracking changes to modes of transportation and satisfaction of Washington, D.C. area commuters with their transportation options.