Paul Giulio, Vice President of Development at Hill Management Services, Inc., was first introduced to the Developing Leaders (DL) Committee when he participated in an onsite property tour and developer’s presentation that had been organized by the committee. In his role overseeing construction and development activities for Hill Management Services, Giulio remembers receiving takeaways from the session that he immediately applied to his job. Now the Chair of the DL Committee, he wants new and existing members to experience that same feeling, time and again.

Paul Giulio, Chair, NAIOP-MD DL Committee

“There is no replacement for visiting a project in person, examining the small details and then hearing about the hurdles overcome and successes achieved by a development team,” Giulio explained. “As soon as the environment improves and we are able to start programming again, the first priority of our committee is to resume scheduling these events. I think they are the strength of our offerings.”

Formed approximately 15 years ago, the DL group now has nearly 80 professionals and is reserved for executives 35 years of age and younger interested in expanding their relationships and knowledge of the real estate industry. Sixteen DL members work with Giulio to set policy, recruit new participants and organize programming. Ten NAIOP DLs have been honored with the “National Developing Leader Award” presented by NAIOP Corporate.

Another area of DL focus will be the chapter’s legislative efforts.

“The number of bills introduced during the legislative session continues to increase and it is important for the DLs to understand what is happening in Annapolis,” Giulio added. “I think the DL members do not have enough exposure to this side of the real estate industry and we hope to spark greater interest. No matter what aspect of real estate you are working in, legislative activity is certain to have significant impact. We intend to schedule programming that educates our members and encourages them to get involved.”

The DL group started organizing its own community service events several years ago, and this practice will continue, after taking a break last year due to the pandemic. “Young professionals, in particular, are interested in giving back and helping others and these efforts provide us with the opportunity to target causes we are particularly passionate about. We hope to get back on track this year with some meaningful activities.”

One thing Giulio and his group don’t have to worry about is growing the DL group.

“My predecessors have done an amazing job of organizing the committee and getting the word out, and we continue to attract and retain high-quality members. We expand our numbers each year and, when they age out, the majority become full members with active participation. Preparing our group for leadership positions is among the most important things we can do,” he added.