“How will your summer vacation plans differ from last year?”

David Strouse
President and CEO
Birchwood Capital Partners

“This summer will absolutely be different! Can’t wait to get back to normal starting with a family vacation on the Delaware shore, eating out and having fun. Plan on adding in as many long weekends visiting family and friends across the country.” 

Jerry R. Myers
Business Development Executive
Kinsley Construction

“In years past, vacations were ‘hey, where are we going this year?’ — not very well thought out or planned. You get on a plane – get there – and everyone kind of does their own thing.  Since the pandemic, I think a lot of us have realized how precious life really is. For me, it’s given me a totally different view on life – that old cliché ‘stop and smell the roses along the way.’ I remember as a kid everyone piling into the station wagon and off we would go. Looking back now, they were some of the best times of childhood. So, this year, my family and I are piling into the truck and pulling our travel trailer to different destinations and spending some quality family time together.”

Ellen Clerkin
Commercial Lending Officer
Point Breeze Credit Union

“Our family is looking forward to spending this summer at the beach. When the pandemic forced us to cancel three trips in 2020, we purchased a condo at the Delaware shore.  While most places still require masks and social distancing, the spring has brought increased energy — restaurants and brew pubs are busy and golf courses are active. Fingers crossed that the pandemic is on the way out!”

Whit Levering
Merritt Properties 

“Vacations have certainly had a different look and feel over the last year. In normal summers our family would spend a week in Canada in early August. The pandemic has shut the border down and it looks like the shutdown will continue through this summer. Last year, our vacations were short drivable trips to the beaches, etc.  However, with things opening back up this summer, we will be traveling to Florida to spend a week with my wife’s parents. We have not been able to see them in almost two years at this point so we are all looking forward it.”

Eric Llewellyn
Retail Leasing Representative
St. John Properties, Inc.

“Last summer’s restrictions encouraged us to try a new hobby, and we’re forever hooked on boating. Motivated by the fear of being stuck in our Canton rowhome last summer, my wife and I decided we needed an escape from the COVID doom and gloom headlines. The boat allowed us to socially distance ourselves while exploring new places all over the Chesapeake Bay. This has become our favorite pastime, and we look forward to continuing our boating adventures this summer. It truly feels like a vacation each time we climb aboard.”