What is the construction headline that you expect will be written at the end of 2022?


Marty Copsey
President/COO & Principal
MacKenzie Contracting

The medical sector leads an extremely active 2022                                 

“Outpatient facilities will continue to lead healthcare construction growth as hospital operators drive to push services closer to the communities that they serve. Hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with the increased demand for medical services and the staffing shortage. By adding additional facilities, healthcare operators are able to reach patients closer to their homes, and more patients will be able to seek healthcare on a regular basis without having to visit the main hospital campuses. These services include diagnostic facilities, behavioral health facilities, and urgent care practices that can relieve the strain on emergency room traffic. But no matter what construction segment you look at for 2022, industry wide labor shortages and supply issues will continue to cause increased pricing and longer delivery time frames.”

Doug Copp
Building Vice President
Kinsley Construction, Inc.

General contractors provide compelling evidence to start procurement process earlier

“Our team is constantly imploring end-users and building owners to initiate its procurement process sooner to keep options open, reduce pricing increases and avoid problems related to shipping delays. We are operating in a far different climate than previously, and it is vital to engage construction contractors soon due to elongated delivery timeframes and volatile pricing. It now takes 10-12 months to receive membrane roof materials and steel joists depending on the size of the project. We met with an end-user recently with an ambitious construction schedule and, quickly, they realized they were already behind the eight ball. Planning early helps minimize risk.”


Drew Enstice
Director of Business Development
ARCO Design/Build Industrial

2022 construction pricing, lead times less volatile than 2021 but still a big challenge

“2021 was tough because there were huge spikes in material prices and significant changes to material procurement times multiple times throughout the year. We are not expecting the same large swings in 2022 but, at the same time, we are not seeing much indication that prices will go down or that lead times will get better. Pricing looks like it may continue to rise, but at a slower and steadier rate than what we saw in 2021. Buying materials such as steel, roofing, and dock equipment has become critically important to the budget and schedule of the project so that owners can lock in pricing and schedule as much as possible.”

 Michael Ginsberg
Executive Vice President
Chesapeake Contracting Group

Augmented Reality becomes integral in construction process

“General contractors are integrating the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for construction across all asset classes, with the use of AR hard hats enabling professionals to experience construction sites in a different way, by peeling back the layers of the structure to reveal all that is behind it. While COVID-19 may have hindered consultants and associates from going to the jobsite, Augmented Reality is now bringing the jobsite to them. The benefits of AR expand beyond the construction team, providing a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, as-built package for owners and clients for future reference. The future of building is here.”