What protocols are being installed to prepare for companies returning to the office?

Sarah Alt
Managing Director
Cushman & Wakefield

“Cushman & Wakefield has a robust and detailed plan for re-entering the workplace, to include a 34-page document outlining best practices in social distancing, as well as governmental guidelines on workplace safety and the adherence to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. A safe return is our number one priority and we work hand in hand with our ownership entities and tenants to ensure complete transparency in how we sterilize our buildings, working in conjunction with our janitorial vendors to be certain they are also observing CDC cleaning protocols. With this in mind, every building has a detailed plan as it relates to its specific type, on how to best maintain a safe environment. We work in open communication with our clients and tenants to convey our best in practice standards of care. Our plan includes full circle preparation, from building operations, to workforce safety, access control, proper social distancing and early communication.”

Brendan Gill
MacKenzie Management Company

“Our efforts have centered on doubling down on our cleaning practices in conjunction with our in-house and third-party janitorial teams including enlarging the overall scope. As dictated by CDC guidelines, we are focused on the implementation of enhanced cleaning protocols for high-touch point areas and common area spaces, researching no-touch systems for doors, toilets, faucets and dispensers and exploring advanced cleaning technology such as ultraviolet light and disinfectant fog machines, among others. In many respects, our operational approach during this situation has not dramatically changed as our building engineers have remained onsite to monitor day-to-day activities to ensure the continuity and safety of building systems. We plan to implement a strong communications plan that urges reminders about social distancing and hand washing when companies return. We are balancing the goal of acting responsibly, while not creating a false sense of security so tenants remain vigilant in their daily actions.”

Mike Mrozek
Head of Asset/Property Management

“We expect that the return-to-work effort will be a collaboration between tenants and landlords. Tenants will be working with landlords as they solve the complex issues of caring for their workforce and preparing their workplace for reentry. Landlords will be looking at every opportunity to improve building systems and processes, so that tenants feel confident in their efforts to mitigate virus transmission. These mitigation efforts may include enhanced cleaning protocols, enhanced availability of cleaning products and PPE (personal protective equipment), plans for social distancing, new protocols for use of elevators and phased opening of building amenities. Most importantly, building landlords will likely employ enhanced communications strategies through email, signage and other means, to reinforce important hygiene practices and evolving CDC recommendations. For both tenants and landlords alike, the community’s safety will be the primary focus.”