How do you strike the perfect work-home balance?

Kate Nolan Bryden
Senior Vice President
MRP | Industrial

“First and foremost, I look at work-home balance in the aggregate. There will always be days or even whole seasons when more of my attention is needed in one area or the other but instead of measuring the hours, I focus on whether I’m meeting my own expectations personally and professionally. I remind myself not to feel guilt for working late on a project to meet time-critical objectives or leaving an email unanswered on a Saturday for an extra hour because I’m enjoying time with my family. Rather than focusing on the idea of balance, I try to be fully present whether I’m at home or at work and stay focused on where my attention and priorities need to be to achieve my professional and lifestyle goals.”

Barry C. Greenberg
Managing Partner
Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP

“Striking a ‘perfect’ work-home balance is a challenge for any professional in the best of times, but a unique challenge during a pandemic. When the pandemic first hit, I focused on helping the firm quickly transition to a better work-from-home environment. This was an effort to transition and maintain, as much as possible, our unique firm culture and included frequent email updates with organized firm-wide happy hours and trivia game nights. It was important to continue the unique working atmosphere our firm enjoys while in the office, as we transitioned to working from home. Our technology department moved to quickly set up home work stations for everyone at RMG, making sure everyone could feel productive while working remotely. Once our systems for remote work were in place and fully functioning, everyone in the firm could then create their own work-home balance, focusing on the well-being of our families, while also being able to effectively serve our clients. One of the ironies of the pandemic life is that our work for our clients has to get done, but the opportunity to do that work in a home environment allows us to balance that work effectively with our home life.”

Jennifer Taylor
Vice President Investment Real Estate Lender
F.N.B. Corporation

“Wait, we’re supposed to strike a balance? As we now find ourselves in the thick of the holiday season and still at home, finding a balance is more important than ever. That starts with giving yourself, and everyone else, a little bit of grace and patience as everyone’s circumstance comes with its own pitfalls. Mine is the dog that loves to find the loudest squeaker during video calls and lack of an office in my tiny house. I focused on little changes that made the transition easier. That meant (1) an early start with my commute to the dining room and a long break late-afternoon to exercise a crazy pup; (2) getting the right supplies to make my home office space functional; and (3) connecting with colleagues daily so the transition to an office of one was less daunting.”