Describe the sense of optimism that you detect in the general business community.

Rob Bavar
Vice President
Bavar Properties Group

“We are all navigating the uncertainty and impact of COVID-19 but we are seeing a renewed sense of optimism in the business community particularly in certain real estate sectors, including industrial and multifamily which seem poised for continued growth. Retail is struggling, but I’m encouraged by the community support around restaurants and other local businesses. I think the resilience of business owners and employees to adapt to changing needs is probably what provides the greatest sense of optimism.”

Marley Welsh
Senior Associate
Lee & Associates|Chesapeake Region, LLC

“People are adapting to this new normal. Back in March, there was a sense of panic and some businesses just came to a halt, not knowing what was going to happen or how things were going to affect their businesses and livelihood. Businesses now seem to be moving forward with their plans instead of holding off. They are finding new ways to work, carry on and make a living, safely – understanding that life must go on and we must persevere, while also taking the steps necessary to keep everyone around us safe and healthy. It’s nice to see and keeps me hopeful for better days ahead.” 

Nicole Wilhelm Smith
Business Development Manager
ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC

“We remain cautiously optimistic about the immediate future and can see things getting slightly better on a daily basis. It is inspiring to witness the creativity among people’s approach to accomplish work in this abnormal environment, and some things that changed have been for the good. For instance, there is more time for reflecting and to spend with family. Business rock bottomed in early summer with activity significantly increasing since then, with the overall sense of calm positively impacting the confidence about the real estate industry.”

Christina Urquhart
President and CEO

“Optimism is the new must-have commodity in business. The work-from-home turned work-from-anywhere concept has blurred the lines between home and work life but there are many positives.  Bringing colleagues into our homes has made work relationships richer, more real and human.  Innovation and creativity have blossomed, as businesses pivot and their offerings expand.  Seeing companies taking a more holistic approach to overall wellbeing that considers mind, body, spirit and emotional, physical and mental wellbeing is a positive for all.  This focus towards culture, wellbeing, self-care, team care and human connection makes me optimistic for the future.”