NAIOP Maryland has announced the launch of its new Mentoring Program, a committee designed to match select younger members of the commercial real estate association with established veterans of the industry to forge meaningful and long-term relationships. Connie Rhodes of Rhodes Development, LLC has been named Chair of this program with a mission to provide guidance and support to members that seek advice as they navigate their commercial real estate career.

            “One of the best things NAIOP Maryland regularly accomplishes is the development of new talent to perpetuate the mission and accomplishments of our chapter,” explained Connie Rhodes. “This runs parallel with the overall objective of NAIOP Maryland to continually offer programming and opportunities that furthers the education and individual development of its membership base. The Mentoring Program will help foster strong and sustainable working relationship between two members, create  a mechanism for success and open up communication channels between younger and more-established professionals.”

The Mentoring Program will arrange up to twenty pairings on an annual basis with professionals working with Merritt Properties, The Howard Hughes Corporation, Blue & Obrecht Realty, Rhodes Development, Saul Ewing and Corporate Office Properties Trust currently identified as mentors. The initial set of mentees has also been established.

            “Connie is a highly-organized and dynamic leader and represents the ideal professional to lead this new initiative,” explained Brendan Gill, President of NAIOP Maryland. “Our goal is to encourage relationships that are not unduly time-intensive but, instead, dependent on the specific needs of the individuals and focused on positive outcomes,” Gill added.