Governor Hogan Delivers a COVID-19 Press Conference on March 30. Photo: Office of the Maryland Governor

The Governor’s evolving Executive Orders and guidance regarding essential business functions are meant to be read together so following the changes can be a challenge. Construction and supporting professional services remain essential business functions throughout.

The newest version of the Executive Order was released on Monday. Here is a short list of the most relevant guidance for you and your business.

COVID19-08 – March 30, 2020

  • Employers who are permitted to remain open under
    the Order may wish to provide a letter to employees who must commute to
    and from work. The guidance suggests content of that letter.
  • Workers commuting into Maryland from an adjacent
    state or Washington, D.C. are not expected to self-quarantine.
  • Clarifies that curbside pickup from bars and
    restaurants is still permitted, but not from non-essential businesses.

COVID19-06 – March 24, 2020

  • While non-essential businesses are closed to the
    general public, staff is allowed access on site as reasonably necessary.
  • Clarifies what to do when “non-essential” status is
    unclear, including reading all Orders, federal and state guidance

COVID19-05 – March 23, 2020

  • Engineering, architectural, interior design and
    title companies are among the non-exhaustive list of companies that are not
    required to close.

COVID19-04 – March 23, 2020

NAIOP members are urged to
consult with their own legal counsel for advice about the application of the
Order and this Interpretive Guidance to their particular facts and
circumstances.  All
of the Orders and Guidance are available here.