Thomas Bisacquino, President and CEO of NAIOP; Todd Summerfield, Liberty Property Trust; Tim O’Ferrall, Executive Director of NAIOP Maryland; Vince Bagli of Merritt Properties and President, NAIOP Maryland; and Jim Neyer, Chairman of NAIOP.

Todd Summerfield, Vice President, Leasing and Development for Liberty Property Trust, has been awarded NAIOP’s National Volunteer of the Year Award during a ceremony on February 6 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.

Summerfield, who is a NAIOP-MD Board member, received the award for his volunteer commitment to NAIOP Maryland. Summerfield served as co-chair of last year’s NAIOP-MD Community Service Committee and is currently a member of NAIOP Maryland’s Awards of Excellence and Legislative committees.

Last spring, the Community Service Committee took on a massive project to benefit the Education Campus of Living Classrooms, located on the Baltimore City waterfront. More than 200 NAIOP Maryland volunteers descended upon the Living Classrooms School to install sod on the nearly one-acre site, paint railings, remove invasive materials and trash from the adjacent Inner Harbor water, in addition to the completion of landscaping efforts. More than 800-man hours were invested; 11,000 feet of sod was installed with an irrigation system; 260 shrubs and plants were installed; 10 raised-bed planters were constructed; 100 cubic yards of top soil, 40 cubic yards of mulch, and 20 cubic yards of stone was installed; 400 linear feet of wrought iron fencing was painted and 100 pounds of invasive materials were removed.

Jim Neyer, NAIOP and Todd Summerfield, NAIOP Maryland


Turf being installed at the Living Classrooms’ Crossroads School, on S. Caroline Street in Baltimore City